Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zucchini in Pots?

Our yard hasn't for years had one spot (except for the middle of the driveway) where there is enough sunlight to grow vegetables. I've adapted my flower gardening to plants that thrive in shade or part sun. We've had to take down several trees this spring due to the tornado that grazed us in November. Several had the tops sheared off at the time and others started leaning months later.

There is now an area that gets sun almost all day but I don't have time to put in a new bed this year. So I'm going to grow some veggies in pots. My question is this...has anyone grown zucchini in pots? I have in the past put tomato plants and herbs in pots but not zucchini so if anyone has had success or failure with this please let me know.

Enjoying another beautiful, perfect spring day here in Carney.



  1. Pat,

    I'll have to ask Chip if he's read of anyone growing zucchini in pots. I would think they would have to be pretty big to support the plants. How about Louie just throws together some 2x8" and fill it in temporary for this year to grow. Raised beds are always so much more effecient and you can get all the free soil from the county.


    Forgot to say you might want to google and search for Rodales container gardening books...also The Mother Earth News may have something too on container growing.

  2. I have no idea about zucchini in pots. I'd be interested to know if it works.

  3. Here you go! I didn't see the first commenter's, so I googled it for you (so you might have already done it!) Anyway:
    Good luck! And, I have a lot of shade and always just am mostly able to plant impatiens!