Friday, May 13, 2011

The Little Mouse Who Roared or the Squeaky Wheel gets the Scholarship

When I saw on a Facebook a post by my cousin Tom, I was appalled. His daughter Lindsay, a beautiful, bright, amazing high school senior had been awarded Maryland's Distinguished Scholar Award, a $3,000 a year scholarship if she attended a Maryland University. 350 students, the best and brightest, were awarded these scholarships. This award helps to keep the state's top students here in Maryland. May 1st was the "Decision Day" for students to determine which college they would be attending. The state officials waited until May the 6th, when all other scholarship deadlines had passed, to inform the students that the scholarships were cancelled due to budget cuts. However, in the same week, the Governor of Maryland passed a law which grants in state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants, which also has many Maryland citizens up in arms.

The local paper interviewed Lindsay and you can read the article and see the video here

After the interview went out, the Governor's office must have heard from many angry citizens. Governor O'Malley personally called Lindsay to let her know that he was reinstating the scholarships for all 350 students.

Congratulations to all these amazing students who worked so hard and are receiving what they earned and was promised to them.

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