Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Time To Smell The Coffee...

I've been working on merchandise for the fall shows we are participating in. Of course Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the list, but beverages are also popular. So today I will be working on Coffee.

Seems that everyone knows a coffee addict...that someone who always has mug in hand and will only drink a certain kind of a special blend.
Coffee items are always a great gift idea for those who live on caffeine.

When daughter Meagan worked at Starbucks (she was in high school) our freezer was filled with
various coffees from that well known company.

But now I much prefer Baltimore Blend from Baltimore Coffee and Tea , a local company that will shipped their wonderful blends right to your door.

Other Coffee Signs

On a different subject...Just want to let you that there are still honest people in this world. I posted about going to the Samos Restaurant last week. Holly and Chad couldn't find their camera (a very, very nice camera) this weekend...pulled the house apart, searched the cars, no camera. The last place they could remember having it was at the restaurant. The camera case must have been pushed under the table, and with gathering together
Dylan, diaper bag and take home leftovers, it wasn't picked up.
When Holly called the restaurant, they had it and were waiting for someone to call.


  1. Love the signs, I am going to be shopping with you at some point if all goes like I have planned...but it will be later in the fall.

    Wow!! That was great that they got their camera back.


  2. How lucky they were that there are honest employees at the restaurant.

  3. I left my purse in a Dairy Queen in Childress, Texas one time. Had the same experience your kids had. We were far away so the lady boxed it up and mailed it to me. We mailed a reward check in return. Later we got a thank-you note with a picture of the new shorts set she'd bought with that money. I've always thought kindly of Childress, Texas since that event.

    I love the coffee signs. They're great.

  4. I just ordered one of your signs. I wanted it sent to Texas and not to me in Oregon. There didn't seem to be the option of a billing address and a shipping address. Please check and see if I did it right. The sign was about darkness and God making a cup of coffee and getting to work. Thanks.