Monday, August 30, 2010

My Husband Another Woman in His Life

We are watching my brother's dog, Callie for a few days while he and his wife are away. I always knew that Lucy loves Lou best. She makes that quite clear. I know she loves me, but Lou is her favorite human. Callie also loves him the most. My brother is Callie's favorite human, but while she is here with us, Lou is the number 1 in her heart.

Thought I'd get some photos of the "cousins" together but neither one would look at me. Both of the girls are sweeties and they get along so very well. Lucy comes up to the workshop with me everyday and I thought Callie would like to also, but short of dragging her by the collar there was no way that she wanted to come up here with me. So she is spending the day in the house, most likely sleeping right in the middle of our bed.

I'm sure when Lou gets home, Callie will be more than hapy to join us in the shop.


  1. Lucy doesn't look like she's enjoying her cousin's visit.

  2. Pat, just don't spoil her enough...and we both know who does....her daddy! LOL! Lucy looks less than pleased to have her picture taken! Will you hurry up! LOL!


  3. They both look so sweet. Could Lucy be just a little jealous...looks like that might be what is going on. Hugs

  4. Callie looks like such a sweetie - just like her cousin Lucy!