Friday, August 27, 2010

Open the Windows...It's a Beautiful Day!

It's a beautiful Friday in Maryland. The past several days have been a welcome relief to the hot hot hot summer of 2010, but today is particularly wonderful. I haven't been doing much gardening, just pulling a weed every now and then, because I just couldn't deal with the temps and humidity, and it shows. Haven't been porch sittin' because of this weather the "skeeters bugs" have been monsters.

This morning I turned off the air, opened the windows and turned on the whole house fan to pull all the closed up air out of this house. I mowed the lawn out back and dead headed the flowers in the garden and those in pots by the front door. Next on the list is pulling out the vacuum to use it on the porch carpeting. Maybe we'll actually eat dinner out there tonight.

Yesterday I spent the day taking photographs of some new signs and blocks I'd been working on for Halloween. If you get a chance you can take a look at Halloween at The Country Workshop
I do need to go the shop and basecoat some things for orders but for most of the rest of the day I will be enjoying a magnificent day in my little corner of the world!


  1. I am thrilled to hear you're having such nice weather. I find it makes a big difference in how I feel emotionally. I just can't take that hot humid weather.

  2. Oh, your weather sounds so nice and it sounds like you are really enjoying it. The plants in the picture are beautiful. It was nice here early this morning but it quickly warmed up and our high today was 92. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  3. Enjoy your weather. Dinner on the porch sounds nice...Balisha