Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Earl Has to Die

The East Coast is waiting to see the exact path Hurricane Earl is taking. Could make for a rainy Labor Day Weekend inland but the coastal areas are waiting to see and have issued hurricane watches. At first it looked like Earl might be taking the same path as Isabel did. Isabel went right up the Chesapeake Bay and did much damage to homes and properties along the bay, all the way up the harbor into Baltimore City. But now the forecasts say the path will be right up the coast.
For all that have plans for the beach, or weekend cookouts, I think we should all sing along with The Dixie Chicks.
Can't Hurt


  1. *at,

    When I read your title I was confuzzled! From what I've heard they are only saying the beaches will be effected and further inland we should see clouds and maybe a shower. Don't need anything like Hurricane Isabel to visit again anytime soon.


  2. Boo on Earl! It does indeed need to die.

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me...don't like any kind of weather that causes damage, injury or loss of life. Hugs

  4. It looks like the cold weather coming here is bringing the hurricane closer to shore.The jet stream is really dipping down. I hope that it isn't bad on the coast. I played the song...I have always liked the Dixie Chicks...cute song....kind of an anthem for the hurricane. Balisha