Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Butt...Let's Get in Gear

Good Morning All...

From September to Mid December is a crazy time for artist/crafters. That means creating our craft all week and setting up for a show on the weekends. There are no fairies making product while we sleep. Once I started selling online, I started doing fewer shows which is physically much easier. (and Lou and I aren't as young as we used to be) It was nice yesterday to go as a shopper instead of a participant to the Bel Air Festival of the Arts. We made a quick run through, saw lots of wonderful creations, but didn't purchase a thing. We did visit with fellow crafter Dee of Icehousecrafts. Hope she had a successful day.

On Thursday, Lou and I had to drive to Reading, PA to pick up the wood we use for our signs. The local supplier didn't have the 1/2 wood we use and this time of year we can't wait until they have it back in stock. It ended up an all day trip as we took the time to stop at a one of the wholesale warehouses and some craft shops and Amish Market along the route home.

I laugh when people say, "Oh, you work from home. You can take off anytime you want." I put in more hours a week doing what I do now than I ever did when I worked a full time job outside of the home. However, you can rearrange your time, which was wonderful when the daughters were young. I was able to volunteer at their school and go on every field trip with them, except to the Harley Davidson plant. Lou went with Meagan on that one.

So today will be a "I really need to get my butt in gear day". Have 3 weeks until Colorfest.

I hope to be adding more Christmas items this week to the website.


  1. Pat,

    It was nice for Louie and you to stop by yesterday. The weather was beautiful and the show was ok...not as great as it's been in the past, but ok. Then again the Ravens playing at 1 pm didn't help the sales too much...think lots of people were stuck in front of their tv's watching the game...but there again a less than stellar performance for the Ravens. Oh well, there's always next week and the next show, Right?
    I hear you on the butt in gear thing...yikes! Only 3 weeks til Colorfest...boy time sure does fly, now doesn't it?
    And what do you mean you can't take the day off whenever? I mean you work from home! You are you're own boss! LOL! Yep, us at home workers have to bust our hineys to get things done and taking a day off and getting some sleep will have to wait til January. So for now, gotta get off the darn computer and get my butt in gear!


  2. I can only imagine how busy you will be between now and Christmas. I wish for you lots of energy every day.

  3. I know you are going to be really busy and I wish you the very best in getting done what you need to do. Hope you sell lots of your great signs. Hugs

  4. You do need to get busy. I'm sure your many customers can't wait for your new products.

  5. I understand how busy you are. People used to say that to me too. I too put in more hours than I would have if I'd worked outside the home. One time I had my Mom and Dad over to just sit at the dining room table and paint eyes. They were so proud of their work. Have a successful fall.