Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

On this lovely last day of Summer in Baltimore County, I am at my daughter's house. It's my Dylan day. Last year, when he was still a wee one, I was able to bring items with me to paint. No way is that going to happen now. So today I brought shelf sitter blocks to put into bags and then price them. He's napping now so I have a bit of time before he's once again full of energy and ready to roll.

Yesterday I worked on blocks for Halloween, Autumn and Thanksgiving, Christmas and Snowmen for the upcoming shows.

I pulled out Christmas items left from last year...not nearly as many as I thought I tomorrow it will be Christmas in the studio.

I also am keeping a close eye on Holly's dog Dre. We baby sat for him this past weekend and on Monday, he hurt his tail. Don't know if he and Lucy were rolling around or if he fell but the poor baby isn't lifting his tail. Holly took him to the vet's and there isn't anything broken but he's now on an anti inflammatory. Hoping he'll be better soon.

Find my shelf sitter blocks at the website


  1. My, my you are busy. Have fun with Dylan. I just love your signs. Great talent! Hoping Dre will heal soon. Hugs

  2. I'm glad Dylan could help you package your shelf sitter blocks! Now if we could just teach him to load the dishwasher we'd be set. ;)