Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucy's Eye Surgery Today

We dropped our darlin' Lucy at Dr. Cujdik's clinic this morning at 7:30 am for surgery on her right eye. She happily jumped in the truck with us...thinking she was "going for a ride". We took one of Lou's worn tee shirts to put in the cage with her so she would have a smell of the one she loves best with her. A little after nine I received a call that all had gone well...she was in recovery...and we can pick up her up at noon. Also had Dr. Tim take a look at a bump under her right front leg where I pulled a dead tick off of her last week...the Frontline did kill it but it was still hanging on. When I took the tick off, the head stayed embedded in her skin. He removed that also. Just a reminder to all dog parents...remember to give your pup heartworm preventative and use a flea and tick control product. Dr. Cujdik told me last week that he's already had one case of heartworm and several cases of lyme disease. It is so worth the cost to vaccinate against lyme disease. Looks like it's going to be quite a year for these pests that can make our babies so ill.

So we will be going to pick up our darling girl in a bit and I am so very relieved to know the surgery went well.

Below are several of my doggie signs...
all in Lucy's honor...especially the Doggie Dance sign.


  1. So glad your Lucy is okay. Our pets can worry us so much. Our cat Jack is dealing with an infection from another cat's bite on his tail. It's like worrying over our children when they are sick or hurt!

  2. Pat,

    Was wondering why I hadn't heard from you I are nurse-maiding Miss Lucy! Hope she's as good as new and on the mend.


  3. I'm glad Lucy is doing ok. We love our dogs soooo much. And those doggie signs totally made me smile. I loved them all!!! And they are all so true! The doggy dance is the best part of coming home from work!

  4. I love your cocker...Lucy. My Maggie looked a lot like her. We lost her a couple of years ago. She was my constant companion. They are such wonderful dogs. Hope Lucy is doing well.