Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Dance Around The Maypole

Good Morning and Happy May Day...Celebrate Spring with baskets and flowers and dancing around the Maypole. Many, many May Days ago, at the elementary school I attended, we did have a Maypole. We would make paper baskets and flowers to take home to our Mothers on May 1st. The first Saturday of May there was also a May Festival at the school with rides and plant stands, and cotton candy.

Today and tomorrow in downtown Baltimore, the Flowermart will be celebrating it's 92nd year.
Set up in Mount Vernon Square, there will be multitudes of flowers, dancing around the maypole, and of course lemons with peppermint sticks. Let's hope the sun does make an appearance.


  1. I can remember making up little candy baskets (using foam coffee and taking them to friends houses's and ringing the doorbell and running away. That was always fun! Thanks for bringing back the memories!!

  2. Oh my! What a great memory dancing 'round the Maypole. We did this when I was a child in kindergarten and I still remember the thrill of that awesome experience. Thanks for the sweet reminder!