Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek Fans Forever

On December 7, 1979 my husband and I did something we had never done before and haven't done since. We went to the movie theater at Harford Mall and waited in line for hours to see the first showing of Star Trek The Movie.

This morning we went with our younger daughter and her fiance, his parents, and Lou's best friend David and his wife Ann to see the new Star Trek movie that opened yesterday. We saw this new version at an IMAX and that was a great experience. The theater was filled with people of all ages. One lady I spoke with had her teenage son take her to see the movie for Mother's Day. Now...I know Star Trek is not everyone's cup of tea but Lou and I were fans of the original series and have seen all the movies and all the tv series. That really does date us doesn't it.

The movie was fantastic and leaves it open for more sequels and you don't need to be a fan to see the movie and like it.


  1. So glad to hear your good review of the movie. We're going to see it tonight. Grew up with the original series and loved it (of course now when I watch reruns they can be hilarious!). I'm still a fan after all these years. Your sign is wonderful!

  2. Pat,

    You can remember that far back, huh? LOL! My hubby is a big trekkie too! He will watch the reruns that come on even though the acting and the special effects were not terrific. Such a shame our kids missed this series as part of their childhood experience.