Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not enough hours...in the year

Is it just me or does everyone feel like there aren't enough hours in the year? This is such a big year for hubbie and me. Our eldest daughter and her husband are expecting our first grandchild in July and the wedding of our baby and her intended is in September. With those two wonderful events come so many other things to do. Our house will be the location for two separate showers, each daughter giving the other a shower for her upcoming special occasion. Getting the house ready for the showers is more work than I thought it would be. Besides just the basic "spring cleaning" I am noticing more and more that needs to be done. The weather here hasn't been co-operating either. Four weeks ago we shoveled 2 yards of top soil onto bare spots in the yard and planted grass seed. We had three weeks of rain and the straw spread on top to keep the moisture in became mashed into the soil by the downpours. The seed either rotted or sprouts couldn't poke through the straw which was like a layer of concrete. We picked all the straw off the areas and replanted. Needless to say, we still have no grass and with 3 inches of rain overnight, it looks like the seed we planted last week may fair no better.

On Saturday, I accompanied the Bride to be and her future Mother in law to Thurmont, MD
( just a stones throw to camp David) to measure areas of the "Party Barn" to determine how much of what we need to decorate for the wedding. We were pleasantly surprised to find most of the white lights we had put up at the barn for Holly's wedding 3 years ago still worked. There was a graduation party being held there in the afternoon so we arrived around 10 in the morning. We also needed to find "THE" place on the property where the actual ceremony will be held. Meagan and Erik decided to be married at the barn rather than in a church. Hoping for good weather, I think the Bride has decided on a spot under a tree just outside the barn for the ceremony, to make it easier on the older guests. The other option was in a field with Catoctin Mountains as a backdrop. Which do you think...tree or field? We also went in search of a florist. After calls last week to several local floral shops in town, we were told they weren't open on weekends or were just too tired and decided to take a few days off. Small town living I guess. We ended up in Frederick and found a wonderful flower shop on Market Street, to create the bouquets.


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