Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Catoctin Furnace

Many times Lou and I have passed the sign on Rt. 15 for the Catoctin Furnace while on our way to set up for Colorfest in Thurmont. Meagan has been looking for a unique place for to have some photos taken the day of the wedding and discovered a bridge at the Catoctin Furnace, which is located in Cunningham Falls State Park while searching online. For information on the Iron Furnace you may want to check out this link.

We found the remains of the furnace and the owners home with no problem...but where was the bridge? Zoeanne, Meg's soon to be Mother-in-law, decided to stay in the car while Meagan and I searched for the bridge. After following a path, probably a 1/2 of a mile into the woods, we came to the Bowstring Arch Bridge. It was a wonderful walk through the woods, with ferns and wildflowers, and the bridge would have been a beautiful place for pictures...but I don't think a wedding gown is exactly the perfect choice for hiking clothes. I think maybe we could have group photographs taken at the furnace itself...or maybe the Bride will find some other special spot. Maybe the President will let us use Camp David...


  1. Lovely pictures! Beautiful place! I love history and tramping around places like this. Lucky you to get to visit this place. Too far for me to drop by from Idaho though. Boohoo!

  2. Pat,

    Oh that's too bad that the hike in was so long. I'm sure if Megan looks further, there has to be somewhere just as lovely near Thurmont.