Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School...

This wonderful photo is of my girls enjoying the summer...can't remember what year it was.  I've been seeing on many of the blogs I follow, young mothers writing about preparing for their children to go back to school. Many blog about how they can't wait for the start of school year.  I always felt a bit of regret when the girls started another school year.  Summer back then, when the daughters were young, was a magical time of long lazy days.  I hated getting back into the hustle and bustle of September with new classes and teachers.  Then there were also the extracurricular activities...  The first day of school, I always put a little note into each of their lunches telling them "I love you".  I think I may have missed them more than they missed me.


  1. That picture is adorable. I cried every year when my little ones started back to school. After about the 3rd or 4th grade I got better about sending them off minus tears. lol Hugs

  2. I too was somewhat sad when my 4 children returned to school in the fall. We did so many fun things together during the summer. I was never really glad to hand them off for the majority of the day come fall. (I also dreaded the first night of mommy homework: filling out innumerable school forms from each of the 4 classrooms.)

  3. It has been a good long while. With the first four, I was anxious after the 3rd grade. I home schooled the last one so I missed him when he started the fourth grade. I hated all the paperwork!

    Now I watch the bus go by and set my clock, it's a little bittersweet.