Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sad Day in Baltimore County...

This morning I watched the neighborhood children standing on the corner, waiting for the bus.  It was the first day of school in Baltimore County.  I then made my way up to the shop to print shipping labels and package orders to get them ready in time for the mailman to pick up so that I wouldn't need to make a run to the Post Office.

I received a phone call from an old friend who was at work and had been told by one of his co-workers that there had been a shooting at a Baltimore County school.  He called to ask me if I had the tv on...he wanted to know which school.  His wife is a teacher at one of the local elementary schools...he needed to know she was safe.  I flipped the television on and found that there had been a shooting at one of the local high within several miles of my home.  My girls didn't attend Perry Hall High School but several nieces and nephews did graduated from this top rated school. 

A 15 year old boy went into the cafeteria, with a sawed off shotgun under his shirt.  He shot a 17 year old student who is still in critical condition at Shock Trama.  Comments by reporters said the shooter had posted on Facebook in the morning that this would be his last day on earth.  Thank goodness for a courageous guidance counselor, a former student from this school, who tackled the shooter before he could fire at any of the other students in the cafeteria.  The shooter is in custody. Still many questions to be answered.

I know it is what any of us would think...I didn't believe a senseless act of violence like this would happen our neighborhood schools.  It has shaken me to the core...I can only imagine what the parents of all the students were going through as they headed to the school to find their children and knowing only that there had been a shooting on this first day of school.  Praying tonight the victim will recover.  And praying for the families of both the victim and the shooter. 

I also a want to thank the brave young man, who without thinking of his own safety, stopped what could have been another Columbine. 

Thank you Jesse Wasmer
Guidance Counselor Lauded As Hero


  1. I can't imagine what the parents must go through. Thank God we have gun laws in this country and things like this don't happen here.
    When I see these things on the news I feel sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to those involved. Maa

  2. That is sad for everyone concerned.

  3. Our local high school already had a lock-down day just in the first week. I don't know what the reason was, but it shook me up none the less. Makes me sad.

  4. This can happen anywhere, sadly. Even the most strict gun laws can't stop it. When I heard about this on the news...I remembered Columbine and how I felt that day.What a horrible thing for kids to witness and how scary for the parents.My heart and prayers go out to all concerned.

  5. Oh my, how sad! I just said a prayer for the student who was shot AND for the shooter. The shooter must be one very distraught young person. How sad.

  6. Oh, my goodness! How sad this is to hear there has been another shooting. Will be praying for everyone who has been touched by this shooting. What a tragedy and my heart goes out to all the parents and families. Hugs

  7. Pat,

    It is a sad day. To think that this can happen in any of our schools makes me shudder. I sure don't want to go to a police state with metal detectors at the doors, but what are the answers to keeping our kids safe? Besides, metal detectors only protect the main building...with so many of our schools over crowded with portables on location, I don't know if it's a practical device to put to use. as a parent, we have to hope for the best and teach our kids that if they are caught up in an event such as this to keep low and try to get as far away, as fast as they can. Then and only then, call for help.