Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch...

 Yesterday this was me.  Yes, the Bad Witch. The window air conditioner that was in the second floor studio area of the shop has been squeaking for about a week.  Yesterday it gave out one loud, long squeal and the fan died.  The unit owes us nothing...we've had it probably for 10 years but when we called the local Home Depot, Sears and Lowes we found they didn't have any units in the stores.  Did you know that air conditioners are seasonal merchandise and in August, in Maryland (when it can still be in the 90's) they are no longer in season?  A new unit cannot be found in DE, MD, or VA.  Although yesterday the temps were a bit cooler, on the second floor of the shop, with the sun beating down on the roof,  it was getting a bit toasty.  I wasn't happy...I don't work well with sweat dripping off my nose.

Well The Wizard went to work and took the dead machine out of the window, pulled it apart, oiled the heck out of the fan, pushed the on button and said, "It lives!". MAGIC! So for today I am the Good long as that cool air continues to magically travel in my direction. 


  1. Horrors. What do they think August is, the dead of winter?

  2. Ohhhh thank heavens for window units! Glad yours is breathing again!

    Happy Creating!


  3. August is always hotter than July here. Oh, and I think lots of people would say I'm the bad witch this week.

  4. Pat,

    I would be more than just a Bad Witch if my ac take the a and d and w out and smush the 2 words together! LOL! Glad Louie was able to resurrect the unit, if for only one more day. Betcha looking for a new ac will be at the top of Louie's list come spring next year? That's of course after you nag him to death about it! LOL!


  5. Yeah. Here too in Pennsylvania I believe we still have quite a bit of summer weather to come.

  6. Yes, I know about things in season. Just try to find a swim suit in a certain size about now...

  7. They are rushing their seasonal a bit aren't they? I am sorry you have no air conditioner now to keep you cool the remainder of the summer. Hugs