Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live in the Sunshine...

I think I'd rather be at the beach today.
I saw this bike at the beach print on etsy and just love it.

I'm also still working on beachy things.
I have always liked this Emerson quote and have finally put it on a sign.

Now to get up to the shop and work on "Things that go bump in the night"
Halloween is fast approaching.


  1. I really like that bike print, remembering my old bike :-)

  2. I too love the bike print but I like the RWE saying too! I love all things beachy! I think I was to live by the sea one day...

  3. The bicycle print is just wonderful!

  4. That bike/beach print is super cute. You almost feel like you're at the beacj just looking at the image.