Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Mom Mom Dylan Moment...

Yesterday was my Dylan day. I leave to go to Holly's a bit before 6am in order to beat the traffic on the Baltimore beltway. I hate driving during rush hour. However, schools have opened in Baltimore county and the traffic was heavier, even that early, than it has been all summer. When I walked into Holly's house, I see her coming from her bedroom looking so worn out. She's been having a problem with morning sickness and has been dragging in these early months of pregnancy but her problem wasn't from this new little was my darling D. He woke up at midnight and didn't go back to sleep until 5am. He was up again at 6:30.

Holly decided to work from home, so I thought I'd bring him to my house, expecting him to fall asleep in the car. Nope, no nap. Dropped by my Mom's so she and Dylan could spend some time together. We then came back here for lunch and he's still going strong. No whining, lots of talking and singing. Taught him a new song...Jeepers Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Peepers as The Wheels on the Bus was getting old. I bribe him with laying down on the bed for a while by turning on Mickey Mouse Playhouse. He and I are singing the Hot Dog Song with Mickey and crew when Lucy, who is at the bottom of the bed sits up and starts howling. The drawer pulls on the dressers start to bounce, making clanging noises and "the house begins to twitch" like in the Wizard of Oz song.

I grab Dylan, stand in the door way of the bedroom with him in my arms, calling for Lucy to sit there with us. Dylan and I experienced our first earthquake together. This will be one of those family stories that he will be told many times as he grows up. A Mom Mom and Grandson bonding moment. And the child, still has not taken a nap. He did not go to sleep until 7pm, on the ride to deliver him back to his parents. Lou carried him into the house and he did not stir...

Now I know those on the west coast are probably laughing at those of us who were scared by this 5.8 earthquake but when you aren't use to the ground trembling, it is quite a shock.

Now we are waiting for the hurricane to hit this weekend.


  1. Those little ones can sure get wound up, can't they? I remember waiting, praying, for them to go to sleep!

    I'm sure the earthquake event will be told many times and he will remember it - if only from the stories.

    Sounds like an extremely long day!

  2. I've never experienced an earthquake (thankfully) but can imagine how scary it could be, especially with a little one to worry about.
    We are watching "Irene" for the next few days here also. Hope she decides to go out to sea.

  3. Jeepers Creepers...we felt that quake here too!
    xo Cathy

  4. It does look dangerous on your side of the world. I hope things settle down before the hurricane hits your area.

  5. I can just imagine the fun you were having with Dylan. My daughter emailed just after the earthquake...what a year we are having in the weather dept. Hope the hurricane stays out to sea.

  6. Oh, that will be a story for retelling many times! It IS a nice bonding story! LOL! I didn't feel the earthquake where I am in CT, but others did, they had it on the news. But I think I WILL be experiencing hurricane Irene this weekend. But I am going to pray and hope that somehow it passes me by!
    Stay well and safe.
    P.S. My son, when he was little, was the same as your grandson. Going, going, going; never any naps! That was nice of you to take him for the day. More great bonding moments. :)