Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Boy is 2

A quick post...this weekend Darlin' D's second birthday was celebrated. He has discovered the movie Toy Story and just adores Buzz Lightyear. His Mom made a wonderful Buzz cake for him and he not only blew out the candles but was singing Happy, Happy, Happy all evening.

Gramps and I found a Buzz that talks, and moves and has blinking lights and sounds. The second photo, Holly sent me the morning after the party. Buzz and D are having quite a conversation. Oh the magic...


  1. Happy Birthday to D, wow, that's quite the cake! Buzz, great toy for a child. Yes, the magic, how I remember! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That cake is too gorgeous to eat. Darlin D's expression in the second picture is priceless. You should frame that picture.

  3. Pat,

    So hard to believe it's been 2 years already! Time sure flies...seems like just yesterday Holly was ready to give birth...Oh my, are we getting old or what? Tell Darlin D' to infinity and beyond! LOL!


  4. Ah! Here's what I came back to see... this adorable boy! Happy belated Birthday to D! Look at that sweet little face! Oh, I could eat him up, so I can imagine how YOU feel about him. And... Buzz Lightyear? Lord, my son is 20 and he loved Buzz too - and Woody also. :)
    That shows you how much money those people are making. LOL!
    Anyway, please give a hug to little D for me. He is precious. He should be a baby model!

  5. p.s. Pat, I always see things like this that 'touch' me: look at his little hand in the top photo on the right... don't you just want to kiss it??? :)
    So cute!!!