Friday, March 25, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet...

This week I've been getting back to my routine after having the Darlin' D boy here with us for 6 days while his parents were at a wedding in Florida. I painted and shipped orders and finally was able to take some photos of some new springtime goodies.

This shabby Rabbit Welcome sign is a redo of one of my patterns I used years ago. Sometimes old is new again. This can be used for Easter and all spring and summer.

You can make any basket an Easter basket with this Bunny Ornament to tie on.

I painted the lids on some canning jars with pastel colors and little rosebuds.
Fill with buttons, sweetener packages, jellybeans, tea, coffee, soaps.
A sweet addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

A new Happy Easter Sign of Pansies to hang on the door or display with
an Easter basket and eggs.

And here are the best photos...That's me on right, with Donna, my aunt in 1955. We are all dressed up for Easter...complete with our Easter bonnets. Taken in front of my Grandmother's house on Nicholas Avenue in Baltimore.

And me with my Easter basket. I am loving scanning these wonderful old photographs.


  1. The old photos are wonderful and don't they bring back such wonderful memories?

    Love the spring/easter designs.

  2. The Bunny ornament is fabulous. I really like it. You've made me feel more spring like. I might even buy Hubbby an Easter egg now and make an effort myself to do something for Easter. Normally we don't bother now Son has left home.

  3. Very pretty Pat.....and love the old pic's.
    Easter was such a special day when we were young.....always had your new outfit with gloves and hat. Now a days you don't see very much of it, how sad.
    I should bring out my girls photo's to show them just how pretty they looked.
    I'm so happy Easters late this year, maybe it will be a warm one!

  4. Good Morning, Pat,
    You have made beautiful creations for spring. And I love your photos of outfits...complete with accessories. Such sweet memories.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  5. LOL - I have two photos of me JUST like your last two photos! Love your creations!
    xo Cathy