Thursday, March 17, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Still Uses Clothes Pins?

I do believe that spring has sprung in Carney, Maryland today. Clear blue sky, yellow daffodils popping open, and the air smelled, well like, spring.

A great day for washing curtains and windows. Before Dylan (we are loving having him here with us) woke up this morning, I took down the curtains in our bedroom and the kitchen and tossed them in the washer. Dylan woke up and I gave him breakfast and fed the dogs. (yes we have Dre here too while Holly and Chad are out of town for a friend's wedding) After the curtains finished washing, I took them out and hung them on the clothes line we have in the backyard. What a comedy...the two dogs chasing each other around the yard, Dylan running behind them. Then Dre decides to lift his leg and mark my laundry basket, with freshly laundered curtains still in it. I scream at Dre and Dylan starts to cry. I took those two panels he marked, threw them back in the washer.

I think that I may be the only one in my neighborhood who still "air dries" my laundry. Any of you out there who still hang out the wash?

After the curtains were hung out to dry, Dylan and I took a little ride to visit my Mom, Dylan's Great Grandmother. Those two are buddies!

Got the windows washed and curtains back up while the boy took his nap...


  1. Well since you are so full of energy, I have some windows needing washing, so come on over.


  2. I love climbing into bed after a long day to sheets that I've hung out on the clothes line to dry.

  3. No Pat, I guess there are a few of us left. Here in Newfoundland it is a very common sight to see laundry blowing in the breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. There's just nothing better!

  4. Don't you just love seeing your little Dylan with your Mom? ...Such a sweet picture. This will be a memory for you some day. Hold on to these memories...they are precious. Balisha

  5. Lucky you! Yes, I have a clothesline, I love it! I wish I could do it all the time! I have to wait a bit yet. Nothing better than sun dried linens! I like the picture of Dylan with Grandma too, very sweet!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I would use clothes pins if I had a clothes line. Apartment dwellers don't usually have clotheslines. I miss the wonderful smell of sun dried clothes that have been blowing in the wind. Enjoy the experience. I'll bet your bedroom smells fresh now.

  7. Great pictures...I washed curtains a couple of weeks ago, but I don't have means to hang them out in the fresh air, wish I did. What a sweet picture of Dylan and his great grandma. He is just so cute! Hugs

  8. I would love to have a clothes line to hang sheets and towels on. Not many people have one now of days but those that do I would imagine prefer using it to the dryer.
    Love the picture of your mom and grandson. Wish you had been in it too