Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grandparents...Who knew?

Your life certainly does change when you become a Grandparent. On Friday night, Lou and I met Donna and Ron, my aunt and uncle, for dinner at the Gunpowder Lodge. We hadn't seen them since Christmas and had lots of catching up to do. They both retired at the end of last year and had spent 6 weeks in the land of Mickey Mouse (Orlando, FL). And what did our conversation keep coming back to...our grandbabies!

Their grandson Paul was one last week...A birthday party for his First Birthday was held on Sunday. He is such a happy, beautiful child and just loved the birthday cake his Mom Mom made for him.

Dylan loved the bubbles...

We all talked about how these precious blessings have so filled our hearts and lives and how, after spending a day with them, we are just worn out. It is such an overwhelming love.

And of course, the above is soooo totally true.

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  1. Oh you are preaching to the choir here. We had our first grandbaby in Dec and we are over the moon for her. She is so amazing. And way more fun than when we were parents to her mother. Less worries I guess that is why.