Friday, July 30, 2010

When I should be thinkin' of Autumn...

I am still working on beachy things. I know I should be working ahead, creating new and different things for the fall and winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the sound of wind and waves is in my brain. Here are two new beach signs I painted yesterday. Thought I try undercoating with black and then an antique white on top to get a shabby look. I did consider using a crackle medium but opted instead just to sand the white to make it look worn. The lettering is a tan/taupe color.

I have painted a few things for fall. I really need to get to work for the fall shows I've signed up for. But I guess I just "wanna go down the ocean, Hon" (Baltimore natives will understand that)
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  1. Oh, these are just beautiful, Pat, really beautiful! I'm with you, I just got back from the Florida Keys, and my thoughts are still on blue waters and sandy beaches! Then, I walk into the stores and see pumpkins and back to school supplies!!! Sigh!!