Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Halloweenie

I've started thinking about new items for Halloween, Autumn and Christmas...I know it's still early but I need to think ahead for the next season. I can remember when I was a visual merchandiser for a local department store, by the 4th of July we had back to school merchandise out. The beginning of September we were starting little by little to add Christmas decorations and by the middle of October the displays were fully Christmas. Then we couldn't leave the store on Christmas Eve until every piece of tinsel down and put away.
The Witchie Witchie sign is definitely for Halloween decorating.

The Spider sign can be used all year long (certainly if you are afraid of spiders).
I got the idea for the spider saying while watching Ghost Hunters on tv. One of the members of the group is deathy afraid of spiders. He's not afraid of the supernatural, but is afraid of spiders!

I'll be adding Fall and Winter merchandise to the website in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Very cute. Halloween is not a favorite holiday of mine but it seems to get more popular every year.

  2. You are very organised Pat! Love the bottom sign!