Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Bunnies...

Over the weekend, as I was watering the gardens, I noticed an area of dried grass and fur packed tightly against the house but mostly hidden by the hosta plants in that garden. I realized it was a rabbit nest and have watered the plants carefully as not to drown the baby bunnies. From time to time you could see movement but no babies. This is not an area where Lucy usually goes, but one morning I found her sniffing it. This week we have our grand dog, Dre with us, who is a known bunny stalker. Holly is a speaker at the International Papillomavirus Conference in Montreal this week and Chad and the baby went with her, so we get to watch our first grandchild.
Last night as I was coming down from the shop, I noticed 2 little bunnies hiding under the hostas and the one bold one sitting out in plain sight. We took the dogs out the front door when needed for the rest of the evening as we didn't want to happen to the bunnies what happened to the poor fox toy below.

This morning the babies were gone.
At least that makes it easier to take the puppies from the house to the shop with no wabbit huntin'!


  1. I love baby bunnies.

    I know you are enjoying every minute with that precious little boy.

  2. Ohhh, babies in the house (enjoy your special bundle) & babies in the garden ... lucky you!

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Those are just the cutest baby bunnies...and I'm impressed that you were able to get a picture!

    Take care ~Natalie

  4. Cute little bunny. Looks like the fox toy didn't have a chance. LOL Hugs