Monday, July 5, 2010

Watering the Gardens

We've had a heat wave here in Maryland. A week or so of 90 degree temps, but the humidity was low, which made it bearable. Then we had several days of early spring like weather. Beautiful clear, blue sky days, when it was actually chilly in the morning and was great porch sitting weather in the afternoons. Today, the humidity is up. The temperature is suppose to hit the mid to upper 90's and Wednesday it should be over 100. It has been a challenge to keep the gardens watered. I'm sitting on my porch, writing this post, and every so often I move the sprinkler, which is set very low, to another part of the garden to soak the soil. The hydrangeas are already fading. They usually don't look like this to the end of August. But having the sprinkler on is attracting even more birds than I usually see...they appear to be having a wonderful time in the water.

But it is still better than 48 inches of snow!!!

I painted several functional, vintage look, rusty watering cans and have finally listed 2 of them on The Country Workshop website.

I am learning everyday something new about the layout of the website. Can't believe the time it takes to take pictures and size them, write descriptions, and decide what words and phrases to use to get picked up on search engines like google and yahoo.

Time to move the sprinkler...and I need to get up to the shop to paint a special order I want to get out tomorrow.

Have a good day!


  1. Hi Pat!

    We're having the same weather patterns as you are, here on Long Island. I looked out my kitchen window earlier and almost had a heart attack when I saw how wilted one hydrangea was. I quickly ran out and gave them all a long drink!...I'll take that 48 inches of snow over this heat anytime...but I'm a winter girl! ;)

    That watering can is so charming with your beautiful painted pansies on it! That would brighten up anywhere it's placed!

    xo Paulette

  2. We have the humidity here with the mid to upper 90's and no rain. I have watered and we are still losing a shrub and some of the plants just do look good. I am ready for cooler weather. Love the watering can it is so pretty. Hugs