Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lucy and I agree....

that we are not looking forward
to the blizzard tomorrow and Saturday.
Lou and I have been watching the weather reports all week.
Normally a storm with lots of snow isn't a horrible thing. 
The kitchen is usually stocked with enough for a week.
We have enough bread, milk and toilet paper.
It's a good time to watch old movies
and make beef stew.

However, we have tickets to see
Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood
this weekend.  We rarely go to concerts,
but had been to a Garth show near DC 
about 18 years ago. 
Always thought we would like to see him live again
but he hasn't toured for years.


We actually heard about Garth coming
to Baltimore as we sat in the waiting room
at the hospital the morning our
newest grandbaby arrived. 
I had just texted my aunt and uncle about
the Dumplin's arrival, saw the information about
the concert on the tv in the waiting room,
and texted them again to see if they
would like to go with us.  

So the morning the tickets went on sale,
I was able to get 4 tickets,
after many tries to log into TicketMaster
and having it crash.
We've been waiting to hear if the concert would be
postponed or cancelled due to the weather.
The decision was made this afternoon
(after the Governor declared a state of emergency)
that the two shows scheduled for
this weekend have been rescheduled
for next Sunday.

Hopefully the 2 feet of snow that
will be dropping on us this weekend
will be gone by next weekend.


  1. Are you Irish? Talk about luck! I am so happy they have postponed it. Hopefully all this mess will be out of the way and you can enjoy your concert!

  2. I see you still have dear Lucy. I don't know what to hope for your for weather. I'll just hope you have good weather on the day you're supposed to see Garth Brooks.

    1. Yes, our sweet Lucy is 11 and moving a bit slower but she is still with us.

  3. What a shame to have your big night out interrupted. Glad they could reschedule it.