Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Deep Freeze...

 Warming up on the inside before
walking to the Workshop on this

beautifully clear
but frigid Maryland morning.
 We've had such a mild winter so far
but over the past two days frigid air
dropped right on top of us.
Snowstorm prediction for Friday-Saturday.
Time to pull out the boots!



  1. Here in Tennessee too. Brr! I hope you've managed your trek to the store for staples like cookies, pizza, and more hot chocolate.

  2. Weather seems to be unusual all over the country.

  3. It's freezing here in Pennsylvania, too. I'm wrapped in my favorite throw while I'm typing this. We're supposed to be getting snow Friday, too. I'll be with everybody else at the grocery store tomorrow getting milk, bread and toilet paper. Goodness, do I even need those things?... Lol. Stay warm... :)