Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Dogs, 2 Children, 3 Adults and 29 Inches


The past few days have been crazy days. 
Our daughter, kiddos and Dre the Dachshund
have been staying here at the old homestead
because of "Jonas".
(When did they start naming winter storms?)  
Knowing the storm was heading our way,
daughter Holly decided it would probably a smart
thing for the family to stay here with us,
as her little cottage home is at the end of a
dead end street that is always the last to be plowed.
Also, with the high winds being predicted,
she was concerned about losing power.
That would mean no heat, no lights
and no water as she has a well.
Our house has 2 fireplaces and a gas stove
so we would at least have heat
and a stove to cook on. 

The daughter, children and dog
arrived Friday afternoon.
I had thrown ingredients for
beef stew into the crockpot for dinner
Daughter Meagan, son by love Erik and
newest grandbaby Dumplin'
who live a stone's throw from our front door,
also joined us for stew and biscuits.

Being snowed in with the grandlittles
was fun and loud and tiring. 
30 minutes to get dressed to go out in
the snow with layers of "keep them warm clothes"
and boots for 20 minutes of playing in
the 29 inches of white stuff.

 Finding things to keep the children occupied was
easy thanks to their Mom who brought
games and art projects to do.

 Candy Land 

Design your own night lights. 

Snow painting with food coloring.

And again, out in the snow...

Holly was finally able to head home today.
As it turned out, her street was actually plowed
yesterday.  Our road wasn't cleared
until this morning.

A hush has fallen over the house.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of lovin went on at your house, an exhausting but happy experience for grandparents.

  2. Haha, the quiet must be deafening, but looks like you all had a great time creating memories with the littles. Man, that is a whole lot of snow. I wonder if we are cycling into the snowy winters again?

  3. You had some great fun. I love those little kid pics. Adorable. So glad you were there for your kids....I love when my girls come over. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie