Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rise and Grind...

 Time to kick start your day...


New Coffee Design on the Website

Unfortunately, I am using my little ruby red coffee maker
from the Workshop this morning, as I have buried another Cuisinart
...that was not even a year old.
Does anyone a a recommendation for a coffee maker?


  1. Oh- I love my Bunn. The last one lasted 12 years and I have had this one for 10 and it is still going strong. I think they are about $100-$120. but so worth it. Plus, there is no waiting for coffee. The reservoir is always full so you pour the cold water in and the hot water runs out immediately. LOVE it! xo Diana

  2. My husband's work just bought a Bunn a few months ago and he loves it there. Says that is what we will get when the Mr. Coffee goes out!

  3. We grind our own coffee beans...oh my, it's so fresh and good! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  4. So sorry! May your Cuisinart rest in peace atop all the others! lol My hubs found one we both like that is really easy to use and has a water reservoir that comes off to fill. That was important to him. And the nice thing is, the reservoir stays clean! Because only water goes in it.

    Here it is.

    Now, I must have a dirty mind because I didn't think "coffee" the first time I saw that sign! Bad me.

  5. I am hard on coffee makers and I have no idea why. I make the same old two cups every day. But for some reason I tend to kill coffee makers and I've just had o accept it. :{