Sunday, April 26, 2015


 When I started to see the ads on tv about  DNA testing
to find where ones ancestors came from,
I mentioned to my daughter that I would love to do that. 
She didn't forget what I had said and gave me the kit as a Christmas gift. 

 I finally put my saliva in the test tube last week and shipped it off to the Ancestry lab. 
It will be 6-8 weeks for the results to come in. 
I waited because I needed to open an Ancestry account for the test
and wanted to make the most of my free 2 weeks.  I rarely have a whole day
or two to spend working on the family search.

 Last weekend I started searching and putting together a family tree
for both my family and Lou's family.  I do know quite a bit about
my Mom and Dad's parents.  I was blessed to have both my Grandmothers
in my life until I was in my 40's.
I am lucky to have many old family photographs.
The photo below is of my paternal Grandmother Lillian and her sister Edna. 
The one on the right is my Grandmother and the necklace
she is wearing was worn by
both myself and my daughters on our wedding days.

Below is the 1900 Census with the Ostertag family. 
My Great Grandparents George and Fredericka and Lillian and Edna.

Found so much information I didn't know, 
but I'm also surprised by some things I haven't found. 
I'm guessing I'll be keeping the account for more than 2 weeks.

I'll let you know when my DNA results come back and
tell you if I'm descended from Vikings .


  1. I haven't sent off my for my DNA, but I did start a search. It got very nuts when I got to the great greats. Too much [what I think] bad information put in by other relatives has really mucked with what I know to be true. Ancestry seems to keep feeding me the same stuff now. I tried wiping the whole thing off and started a new one under a different heading. Now it says my dad had two wives... I gave up.

  2. My Mother was very interested in this so for one of the Holidays I bought a Groupon or Living Social Coupon for her and I to a DNA testing sight. We did the swab and sent them in separately from separate cities. We never heard back on either one. I complained to Groupon/Living Special and they said it was up to the DNA company to make good or refund. Was never resolved and I cancelled my email account with both Groupon and Living Social. Really bummed my mother out because she really wanted to get the results and that really bummed me because I wanted to do that something special for her. Glad you are having better results. I have watched several documentaries about how they trace major groups back to original ancestor groups. That is very interesting too.

  3. Interesting! Looking forward to hearing your findings!

  4. So much fun to do this kind of research. I also have a paternal grandmother named Lillian. Her sister's name was not Edna, but Ervine. Hope that you find out many intriguing things. Being descended from Vikings sounds most interesting.