Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Sweet Lucy...

An unscheduled trip to the vet today.
Lucy was having a problem with her hind legs seeming weak and her back seemed to be humped a bit.  This happened overnight. No falls or accidents
The X rays and blood work showed nothing.  At least no ruptured disks.  The doctor said it could be her age (11) and something as simple as her sitting up for a treat.  She'll be on steroids and pepcid for 15 days .
The hard part will be keeping her from jumping and running and going up and down stairs.
Oh and picking her up to put her on the bed and taking her off the bed.  I placed folded quilts on the floor next to the bed for her to lay on because I'm afraid I may fall asleep and she will jump off the bed. But she's sitting there staring at me.
Goodnight Lucy

Also thanks Ladies for all your suggestions on coffee makers...
need to hit the mall to take a look at them.


  1. Poor Lucy! I'm sure the steroids will have her feeling like a puppy again, which will make your job all the harder! lol Here's to a fast and full recovery!

  2. oh, poor sweet baby. i hope she recovers and it was just a pinched nerve or pulled muscle.

  3. This reminds me of my friend's dog who got into some treats that were sweetened with xylitol. Apparently, artificial sweeteners can cause temporary paralysis in dogs. Her dog was better in a few days. I've heard macadamia nuts do something similar. Thought I'd mention it....just in case!