Sunday, March 29, 2015

Planting between the Snowflakes

 Yesterday was a crazy weather day. 
Cold...sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy
and times of snow flurries so heavy that it looked like
a blizzard was starting.

  Took a quick trip in the morning to the local high school
where a craft show was being held. 
The plant ladies were set up and
I picked up several market packs of violas.

 When I got home I started to pot these
spring time lovelies,
and it was snowing like crazy.

 But digging a bit in the dirt gave me some hope that
we may actually have a spring here in Maryland.

Woke up to temps in the teens this morning.


  1. Hello Pat, the violas are pretty. The snow yesterday was crazy.. The sun is out today but still cold and windy..Have a happy Sunday!

  2. Keep hoping! It was cold and sunny for us here in N. Georgia today. Low was 23! But still a lovely day. But no snow like you had. Phooey, winter be gone!

  3. I love those little flowers. They are so springy