Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Morning Cupcake...

 A  little birthday celebration for this ole Mom Mom on Saturday.  
A delicious crabcake dinner, prepared by the daughters,
was followed by cupcakes.
Have you noticed the older you get, the more names you have when
the family sings Happy Birthday to You?
Happy Birthday Dear Pat, Mom, Mom Mom.

 While the adults enjoyed the dinner,
the grandbabies were more

   interested in the birthday cupcakes

 and the icing.

I am blessed.


  1. Happy birthday, Pat! Those cupcakes look absolutely scrumptious! And what sweet grandchildren!

  2. Happy Birthday Pat. I love the cupcake idea and I used to make cupcakes for the kids birthdays years ago for outdoors picnics. It was so much easier for the kids and me.Hugs,

  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you! What beautiful grandchildren you have. :)