Sunday, March 1, 2015

Seeing Red...

 Through this last cold week of February there have been some bright spots.
Cardinals have been constant visitors to the feeders.

  This large, lovely pair of Pileated Woodpeckers were here for an afternoon.
I could hear them before I saw them.

 And some fluffy reds have been hanging around, just waiting to be feed.

This has been the winter that never seems to end...
A bit of red is a welcome sight in the yard.
Looking forward to those crimson tulips popping open this spring.


  1. Gorgeous pictures.
    Yes-this is the winter without end....reminds me of that song...This Is The Song That Never Ends- that just goes on and on, my friends....
    Sure feels that way. xo Diana

  2. Lovely pics, Pat! It's so amazing how in winter, God keeps the cardinals around despite the cold. They lend so much cheer to the dreary landscape.

  3. Cardinals are my favorite. I always love seeing the spot of color they provide!

  4. Lovely photos of those beautiful visitors.

  5. I usually always have bird feeders around but I still haven't gotten any for the urban cottage. Shame on me. The birds needed food this winter for sure with all this snow. I've got to get hummingbird feeders for sure and soon.