Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time Flys...

I can't believe it's almost May.  We have lots going on all the time and the days are just flying by.  Lou and I have been developing a new product line for the website in between making signs and blocks for orders and getting them packaged and shipped .  We also have slowly been adding a line of Southern sayings to our sign list, many of which I have always called Elsie-isms.  I heard so many them from my Mom, who heard them from her mother Elsie.  While Maryland is not truly considered a southern state...my Mom Mom had sayings that are truly southern. I have been able to get some of the sayings put on signs, photograph them and actually get them up on the website.  But I have a list with many more that I will be adding over the next few weeks.

We also were able to have our darlin' grandkids with us for a couple of days.  So much fun.  How many remember Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darndest Things?  I was getting Dylan ready for bed...he was standing on the toilet seat lid so he could easily reach the sink while he was brushing his teeth.  That made him tall enough to look me in the eye.  He very seriously said, "Mom Mom, your face isn't old like Gramps." I said, "I love you Dylan."


  1. Bless his heart, he got some brownie points for telling you that, didn't he, Mom Mom?

  2. I love those saying. I've heard them all my life. I also love Dylan. Our grandson thinks Bob is very old. He often turns Bob's help away by saying "You're 80, that's too old."

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