Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's been 17 years already???

Coming Soon to your Neighborhood: The 17 year locusts or cicadas will be making their appearance here in MD. Heard on the news that there could be
one million cicadas per square miles. Creepy!

We keep telling our grandson Dylan that they will be making their appearance soon and that they don't bite as he is terribly upset by bugs...when we were at the zoo several weeks ago he didn't like the gnats flying byThe last time the locusts were here, I remember them being so thick that you couldn't walk across the yard without
crunching them and for 2 weeks you could hardly hear yourself think
as their singing was so loud.
I'm with Dylan.  I'm definitely not looking forward to their visit.


  1. It's the noise that would drive me crazy. I hope their visit is short.

  2. I have sympathy for you. We had a plague of locusts last year ... drove me batty! Sue

  3. Unfortunately, he is looking forward to them now because his father has agreed to grill and eat them with him. I think I'll be visiting you during that time so I don't have to follow our house rule of "you have to at least try it, but don't have to eat any more if you don't like it" :)