Monday, April 8, 2013

Grandbabies and a Lost Beagle

We had a couple of busy days around here.  Lou and I had the grand babies overnight on Thursday...their parents had tickets for the Orioles Opening Day.  We also had our fuzzy granddog here.  He and Lucy just love each other so they are always happy to be together. 

It was such a beautiful day on Friday that we took the children to the Baltimore Zoo. Didn't make it through the entire zoo but the we did get to see all of the african exhibit.  I was surprised the zoo wasn't crowded as many of the schools were
closed last week for spring break.

Lou and I were couldn't believe that neither of the children fell asleep in the car before we got back to the house...but after dinner both crashed.  When their parents got here, they decided to stay here for the night too.  The house was happy to be so full.

We also had another house guest on Friday night.  On her way home from work on Friday, daughter Meagan saw a beagle trying a cross a road.  She opened the car door and he jumped in.   He had a collar but no tags.  All the local vets were already closed so she took him to an ER Animal hospital to see if he had been chipped.  He did have a chip but the one phone number wasn't working and on the other number the vet left a message but vet office wouldn't give out any of the other info except the dog's name was Jack and he was from this area. It is a privacy issue it seems.  Meagan did see a street name on the paper where the other info from the chip had been written down and she and Lou went to the street but it was a condo complex with lots of buildings.  They spoke with a man they saw walking to his car, asked if he knew the dog or its owner but he didn't.  So Jack, the sweet beagle boy, spent the night in the shop.  Meagan got a call from Jack's Mom on Saturday...but she hadn't gotten the phone message from the ER clinic...the man Lou and Meagan spoke with the night before saw the dog's owner searching the neighborhood and he told her that the ER animal hospital had Meagan's contact info. 
Jack is now back home.

So folks, if you do have your pet micro chipped, be sure the information is up to date...and maybe also have a tag with your phone number.  Jack would have been home on Friday evening if we had been given the info on the chip or if the phone numbers had been up to date.


  1. Love those grand babies. They are the cutest. I honestly don't remember if our dog has been chipped. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out.

  2. Nice that you had good weather for a zoo trip! The little ones (and some of us big ones) love to hang at the zoo.

    I love a story with a happy ending and a happy Jack!