Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coffee and a Good Book

We all need to take some time to have a cuppa and read a good book.
I never seem to find the time to read anymore.  I have oodles of wonderful stories stored on my Kindle just waiting for me.  Hoping when it's warmer, every morning, with that first cup of coffee, I'll read several chapters while sitting on the porch.
My real problem is that once I start a new book, I get so involved in the story that I want to keep reading until I've read every last word.


  1. That doesn't work for me. For some reason my mind thinks you can only read in bed at the end of the day, after the work is all done. Morning reading finds my mind lurching forward toward all the things I need to do that day.

  2. Hi honey
    I too wish I would take more time for reading. I do love a good book.
    Right now I am in search of one that will keep me glued to the finish. Any suggestions