Saturday, January 21, 2012

White on the Ground...Purple in the Air

We had a bit of snow and ice overnight but it hasn't covered
the Purple Glow here in Maryland

Maryland is Ravens Country and the Baltimore and the rest of the state has its Purple on.

And here is my favorite Ravens Fan


  1. All we've gotten is rain and more rain. Snow would be prettier.

  2. I like your Ravens fan best of all.

  3. I read you post about jury duty. I just finished up a week of it. Unfortunately my number was pretty low and I sat on an assault case. I can't imagine being on a high profile case...this one was bad enough! LOL! We just finished a round of snow and then ice. Was fun while it lasted! Love your Raven's fan. ~~Annie

  4. Oh! There's our little buddy! I came over at the right time to visit to see this post. What a sweetie.

  5. Your darling little Raven fan is adorable. He would be my favorite too.
    We got a storm here today but just rain and lightening that was scary. That's what they say we have for the next two days. Ugh.
    But we do need the rain.
    Hope your well honey

  6. now isn't he a cutie and the town all dressed in purple, picture is cool.. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do plan on waxing the tables and putting a piece of glass on them.
    hugs from Savannah