Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's raining today...

so we won't be going to the park, or playing outside like last week on our
Mom Mom and Dylan day.

After taking the boy to breakfast at Bob Evans, where he ate 5 pancakes, bacon, grapes and cantaloupe, we came home and read books and now are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Maybe we'll pull out the crayons and paper next.

Wish it was a nicer weather day so we could play outside. As my Grandmother use to tell us,
"Go outside and blow the stink off."

At least it's not snowing...


  1. makes me jealous!! I want my grandbaby here, (and no snow) So glad you get to enjoy him!

  2. My Mom said the same thing. He's so cute. Sounds like you had a great day anyway. Five pancakes!!!Wow!


  3. Dylan is such a wonderful little boy. Parents here have to work hard at entertaining their children because of the rain. It's snowing today. Our grandson doesn't want to go outside anyway. Just give him a Wii game or the iPad and he'll entertain himself. His parents don't want him to have those things at his house so he comes to our house two times a week to play them.

  4. LOL My Grandma used to say the same thing. That little guy has a good appetite - Breakfast sounds great.