Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wishing All A Wonderful Day

Photo courtesy of oldtownflorist

Give Thanks With A Happy Heart

I have so much to be thankful for this year and when asked to send my thoughts on this to my younger daughter who is putting together a collage of thankful thoughts of all family members, my reply, of course was my family. I am so very thankful that both my girls have married their best friends, wonderful men who are the loves of their lives. By marriage they have enlarged our family with their families, and although there are so many jokes about in-laws, we are so very fortunate that these young men each have wonderful families and we are now one big family.
Having grandchildren is also right the on the top of my thankful list. My Darlin' Dylan holds a big spot in my heart. (although his new thing to be thankful for is pizza with bacon, I've been nudged out by dough and cheese). On Monday, I was invited to go with Holly for her latest sonogram and was able to see my new amazing is that!

So my wish for all of you, my family and friends, is that your lives be filled with so much to be thankful for that your hearts are just overloaded.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Pat! And congrats on seeing your granddaughter-to-be. How exciting! And how nice that your DIL invited you along. It shows that she is a wonderful person; as you are too, otherwise you would not have been invited! And I have a tip for you: make some bacon pizza for Mr. Dylan and he might love you and the pizza both, at the same time. ;)
    Have a great day!

  2. LOL Coming second to pizza with bacon.....too funny. I'm sure its not true but it did make me giggle.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Pat,
    It sounds like you had a nice holiday with your family. Ours was pretty quiet...just the four of us and all our favorite foods. And now deciding if we should go shopping at midnight!

    Enjoy the weekend. ~Natalie

    p.s. everything is better with bacon!

  4. Your daughter's idea of a family 'thankful' collage is a wonderful one, it can be added to every year!

  5. How wonderful a holiday special to see your little pinky. Hubby tells everyone the kid-lings are God's gift fo rnot killing your kids ... chuckle! Hold them closely, love them forever.

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,