Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dog Gone Goodies

I been looking on Etsy for doggie gifts, for either the dog or the dog's human. I made some wonderful discoveries.

From Doggone Tags
I actually have one of these for Lucy. Cute tag for my fuzzy girl.

This amazing mosaic of dachshunds is from Animal Instincts

From Monster Hallow Studios I love this unique wedding cake topper.

From Graphic Spaces...this cute vinyl graphic for the pet feeding area.

Walk the Dog Art Prints from Going Places 2

Find many more unique pet items on Etsy...

And of course you can find pet signs for dogs and cats in the Pampered Pets category on
The Country Workshop Website


  1. Love these! I can't imagine a wedding cake topper with dogs - how unique and perfect for a dog loving couple.

  2. Cute! One year the hound here (wink wink) gave everyone an engraved dog tag for their keychain.Used the machine that does the engraving in the pet store!
    xo Cathy