Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The HON Battle has ended...

Hons Photo by Diane Creagh

I heard this morning on the local news that the battle over the word HON has ended. Local restauranteur, Denise Whiting, owner of Cafe Hon has dropped her legal claim to use of the word "HON". A Baltimore endearment, and yes people from Baltimore really do use it, (such as a waitress asking, "What can I get for you Hon?") was trademarked by Ms Whiting last year and Baltimoreans have been angry enough to have boycotted her restaurant.
Her business has been off by 20-25%. But now Chef Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Nightmares has been filming at Cafe Hon and Chef Ramsay, it seems, has done what the wrath of Baltimoreans couldn't do...have Ms Whiting make a public apology and drop her ownership of the Hon trademark.

John Waters memories of being a teenager in Baltimore in the 1960's were made into the movie Hairspray, written and directed by him, in 1988. Beehive hairdos, the Buddy Deane Show (Corny Collins Show in the movie) , racial segregation were all part of 1963 Baltimore.

Hairspray Movie Trailer

Now, every year in June, Bawlmer celebrates with the Honfest.
Featuring Music, Food and Big Hair!


  1. Gee... I didn't know! I've used 'Hon' as an endearment, like, forever. Silly me.

  2. That is too funny! For someone to think they could do that is hilarious! People people people make the world laugh!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is too much!

    I have never heard of the Honfest before but it totally sounds fun!


  4. Man, for my whole life I've heard waitresses and grandmas call people "Hon" so although I like that the lady had the restaurant, I don't like that she tried to CLAIM "hon" like she invented it! (But she probably really just didn't want anyone to copy HER use of it, you know?)
    P.S. Thanks again for your comment about my beloved little cat and losing her, I appreciated your visiting and comment SO much. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. xxoo

  5. P.S. Was that you, Pat, in that pink "Hon" wig in the photo????