Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a Blessing, and a Curse....

Many things can qualify as both a blessing and curse. This phrase became well-known in the popular Monk TV series, when Adrian Monk frequently referred to his gift to solve crimes as a blessing and a curse. Solving tough crimes was certainly the blessing, while being overly attentive to detail was certainly the curse.

That is the way I always feel this time of year. Now is the busiest time for The Country Workshop, an abundance of orders and shows, which is a good thing, the blessing part. But I end up having to spend hours and hours in the studio, and missing out on time with family and friends, the curse part. We have become a shaggy bunch in this house. Lou and Lucy both need haircuts ( I clip them both, usually on the same day but just haven't had the time) and I finally colored my hair on Saturday as I was beginning to look like Cruella Deville with two toned hair. Things won't slow down until half way into December, when I will close down my shops on various selling venues, by putting them on vacations setting until after Christmas.

The past two years we haven't even put up a real Christmas tree. I did pull out my little artificial tree I've used at craft shows and had it in the family room, but as we weren't having any gatherings here for Christmas, that was enough for Lou and me...and it was so very easy to put our Christmas decorations away. However this year the girls and their husbands and our Darlin' Boy will be here on Christmas morning. We will need to find just the right tree and I would love to put together a small train garden but I don't think that's going to happen
...but we'll see.

Speaking of my only grandson, Lou received the the photo below on his phone the other night.
A jar of Vaseline was just too large a temptation for him. Don't know if he thought it was hair gel, but he covered his head and face with petroleum jelly. After almost a week and quite a few head washings, his hair still had bit of a greasy shine to it when I saw him earlier in the week.

I spoke with Holly today, she had gone to a Thanksgiving luncheon at Dylan's school. When she asked him what he was thankful for, he told her,"Mom Mom"
What Grandmother could ask for anything more?


  1. Oh thank you for the laugh this morning - that is one of those classic memorable moment photos that will be remembered for years to come! And so sweet that he is thankful for MomMom!
    xo Cathy

  2. ohhhh so funny and cute, I could get used to this grandma thing!

  3. That is so funny. Great photo. That stuff takes forever to get out of hair.

  4. Bless him, that stuff takes forever to get out of hair!

  5. This gave me a good giggle this morning!

    My two little cocker spaniels are looking rather shabby and they both need a clip! The tops of their little heads look like wild bouffants!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  6. Pat, the Vaseline-oh, my, my. my!!!

    That will be a family story to tell over and over and over with a picture and all! PRICELESS!!!!!!!!