Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's so hard to share...

Well folks...I actually get to use my laptop this morning. It made it back down to the house after several days in the shop without coming home. I have my routine and it has been totally messed up. I usually check the selling venues every morning and evening, answer questions anyone may have about my products, read the blogs I follow, do my blog posts and take some time to list items on the various selling venues where I have shops set up.

In December we had to replace both our desk top computer in the shop and my very old, owes us nothing, laptop. Couldn't believe that both went to computer heaven two weeks before Christmas. Our wonderful son by marriage totally set up the desk top for us but a problem with the ports developed and we knew it had to go back but were having a problem with getting the laptop to work with the cutter machine we use to cut our stencils and vinyl. Lou ended up using an old laptop of his brother's just for the cutter and the motherboard of the desktop is on its way to be repaired or replaced.

But this is posing a problem. My laptop needs to be in the shop during the day for internet access for printing out orders and shipping labels and such. Lou has been working up in the shop in the evenings and is using the laptop then, and he never brings it home when he closes up shop for the night. He says, "Oh did you want the computer? I figured it was too late for you to do any work tonight." Welllll, yes! I guess I could run up to the shop in my jammies but I've just been dealing with the business of answering messages once I get to the shop in the morning. I like sitting on the porch, drinking my coffee and doing what I need to do on my laptop in the morning. So that's where I am right now, even though it's hot enough to melt my brain today out here and the sweat will shortly be dripping off my nose. Hope, after all these years of marriage, that we don't kill each other over who gets to use the computer.

On a positive note, Lou and I did get to share the Darlin' D boy yesterday. I drove out to Holly and Chad's yesterday for my regular grandson day and then brought both Dylan and doggie grandson Dre back to our house for the day. We planted some flowers in pots, watered the garden, read books and ate pancakes for lunch. (I ran down the list of what Dylan might like for lunch and he chose pancakes). Gramps took the D boy into the shop and Dylan may be the only almost 2 year old who knows the difference between a table saw, a router, and a drill press. And he likes to hammer on nails, but boy can he swing a hammer and bang on the wood.

Below is a photo Holly sent me of D in the pool this weekend. He's just growing so fast.

For all of you in the sweltering heat of today...Be safe and try to keep cool.
Also remember to check in with any elderly folks you may know and be sure your pets have shade and water if they are outside. This heat can be a killer.


  1. iPad -- you need an iPad to easily transport back and forth!
    xo Cathy

  2. I miss my computer when it's messed up or if I can't get on line. (miss is a very gentle word for how I feel, actually)

    The boy looks like he is having lots of fun in that pool! :-)

    This heat and humidity is awful, I have to time the playtime that the dogs are out. After the sun goes down I let them tear around a little more but it's still hot, so I have to watch them. Being dogs that live most of the time in A/C, they have no real tolerance for the heat. Neither does this elderly self.