Monday, June 13, 2011

With A Great Mustache...

Many famous mustaches on many famous faces...

and would you believe that I have never seen the face below without the mustache
in 36 years of marriage?


  1. Loved every one of those photos and mustaches!
    xo Cathy

  2. Love the post and it was quite a few years before I saw my husband with out his mustache.

  3. LOVE! I don't believe you will ever see my father without a mustache. I've asked him to shave it for me, but he said "It's been so long, I'm afraid to see what's under there."

  4. Some guys just wouldn't be the same without their mustaches.

  5. I have never seen my husband without his mustache. It's so much a part of him, I'm sure he would be lost without it.

  6. The only time I saw my dad without a mustache was just for a day or two a few months after my parents divorced when I was 14. He worked nights and I skipped school one day and laid in the top bunk in my brother's room until he went to sleep from coming in that morning. I got to hear the story of why he shaved it, though, before he finally went to bed, lol.

    He called a friend and during the conversation revealed that he had actually at first only shaved half of his mustache and went to work that way. His reason? Well, she took half of everything else.

    And even after 20 years, I still wish my parents were together. They were married for 20. Such a shame.... But, anyway, that's my mustache story.