Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's time to get serious...

I have the Maryland Home and Garden Show coming up in 4 weeks and while I have started to stock pile for that, I don't have nearly enough merchandise. The blanks are being cut. Everyday Lou carries another pile of blanks from the downstairs wood shop to my upstairs studio. Every time I paint a particular sign for an order, I paint an additional one or two for the show.
It's hard sometimes to decide what to make for a show because one never knows what it is that will be the hot seller. It's not always what you would think.

So I need to get many more piles of signs painted, varnished and ready to go. I always surprise myself when we are setting up for a show, how many items have actually been finished.


  1. None of that looks easy to me but your wor shows you are very experienced. I've never enjoyed painting, don't even like to be around it. Thank goodness there are people like you in the world.

  2. Pat,

    Maybe you can teach Darlin' Dylan to base coat for you? Or how about Lucy...you could tie a paint brush to her tail and when she wags...well maybe not...that would be too messy...guess you're on your own, my dear. Get those paint brushes moving.


  3. You and Lou work very hard making those signs, but your finished product is great. My family and friends are sure enjoying the ones you made and I gave to them. I hope you get all done that you want to and you sell every sign at the home and garden show. Hugs