Sunday, February 6, 2011

Darlin' D and Bingo!

Had Darlin' Dylan time this week. Missed a couple of my Mom Mom days because of the weather. Think he's gonna be a builder like his Gramps? Only Gramps' tools don't talk and sing to him...oh wait, I'm wrong. When Lou's friend David came with his wife to Holly and Chad's baby shower, he gave Lou the same hammer that talks. So when Dylan grows up they can both use their singing hammers together.

I can't believe how fast he's grown. Not a baby anymore but a little boy.

While looking for Mickey Mouse videos on utube for Dylan, I came across this
Gummi Bear offering.

Dylan just loves it...gets to be a bit to take for the adults because once it get into your head you just keep singing it. I purchased the dvd for him and now he can listen to the song in seven different languages. You're Welcome Holly!

Last night Lou and I went to play basket bingo to benefit the
Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Company.

Last winter, during one of those horrible snows that we had in February, the fire station was destroyed by a fire. I was thinking that the only men at the bingo would be Lou and my friend Shar's husband Bill. I was surprised at the number of men who were there, although at our table of 20, Lou and Bill were the only men.

We laughed alot, didn't win a thing, and had a wonderful time anyway.
And yes, Good and Plenty does go well with Diet Coke.
Thank you Elsie,(Shar's sister) for inviting us to join the girls.


  1. He is just so cute. glad you had fun at bingo,

  2. Pat,

    Yes, Darlin' Dylan is growing up much too fast. Seems like only yesterday Holly was waiting for his arrival. And as for the gummy bear video, well let's just say that's a mothers revenge for listening to Raffi over and over! LOL!

    Hey, you gotta save calories coke and good and plenty sound perfect together. Glad you had a good time playing bingo.


  3. You are right that Dylan is looking more like a little boy now and a very cute one at that. Your Bingo time sounds like fun. It is always great to laugh and enjoy. Hope your whole weekend has been very good. Hugs

  4. Such a sweet boy. Isn't it fun to take care of him? I miss those days. Balisha

  5. Your little man is darling, Pat! They just grow TOO fast.

    Which fire hall burned down, I don't recall hearing about this. I love an occasional Bingo night out & hubby goes along, tho not playing.

    Have a beautiful week!
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  6. He is just adorable - a handsome little guy!

  7. Aw honey he is growing up fast and so darling. I love pictues like these and that you can share them with us.
    Bingo is fun when you are with the right people sharing it. I glad you enjoyed it.
    Take care honey and stay warm