Monday, February 15, 2010


I had the tv on today while I was working on some orders. On the USA network, there was a NCIS marathon. I like that show...I like the relationship of the characters and whodunit storylines. I got to thinking about blood evidence and how blood is not easy to clean up. One may not be able to see it but it's still there. Abbey is always able to find it on the show and prove that someone was murdered and figure out who the killer is.

Quite a few years ago, I cut the tip of my thumb while using the band saw. I was in the shop by myself and I ran to the bathroom to grab some paper towels to try and stop the bleeding...leaving blood drops on the floor from the saw to the bathroom. Then I went to the phone to call Lou who was still down the house, still dripping blood everywhere I went. I ended up with stitches putting the tip of my thumb back where it belonged. I have to wonder if it can be determined if blood that has soaked into a concrete floor twenty years ago ( you can still see it) is different than new blood.

When all the CSI shows became so popular, Lou and I joked that he should document the the "blood drops" in case something "happened to me".

Soooo... if I disappear without a trace, Lou wants everyone to know that when the police find the old blood drips on the floor that I was still alive and kickin' in 2010.


  1. Tell Lou we will vouch for him and not to worry. You're brave to use those saws; I'm afraid I'd lose more than the tip of my thumb. I love the candle in your window. When we were in Amish country this past summer they were in so many windows and look so pretty. Are they plug in or battery powered? I got some battery powered ones but they didn't work very well so I just gave up. I see you still have a little snow, too. It looks beautiful outside your window. Stay warm!

  2. I can vouch for him. I remember waiting to be picked up after Autumn Bohi's slumber party and I thought you had forgotten me :)